Karamics by Karina Gouverneur



Karamics pieces are thrown on the wheel or hand-built and glazed by Karina Gouverneur (1996) originally from Curacao, but moved to the Netherlands to study Fine art and design in education in Utrecht. Here is where her relationship with ceramics started. Working with ceramics has taught her to let go of having the control on everything, because the final results are in the hands of the ceramics gods and not hers. She embraces the unpredictable and sees beauty in the imperfections.

Karina creates unique functional or sculptural pieces for the home, using different techniques. The core of Karina’s work is experimenting with different stories, shapes, glazes and firing techniques like raku firing. Each piece is unique and that’s what makes her work special. Karina is always experimenting and trying new things, thats why you’ll always find slightly different items.

She has a fascination for handmade items, the look and the feel of something that’s handmade is just special. Karina’s handmade items can be used and enjoyed everyday. For having your morning coffee or giving your plants a new home.

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(Picture by Jessica Vi Photography)