Yin Yang – Karamics

Yin Yang

The Yin Yang series was made for the restaurant Marcus Antonius.

From the first meetings where ideas were shared and prototypes were made until now, the finished products.

Marcus Antonius offers a high tea with delicious teas that deserve to be served in a memorable tea bowl. Inspired by Chawans, the traditional Japanese tea bowls. Of course a matching teapot couldn’t be missed.

Marcus Antonius will also be serving ramen soup in the ying yang bowls. With a matching spoon.

The black products are made with a black clay, leaving the outside unglazed to appreciate the rawness of the clay but adding a white stripe to give a contrast to the black exterior creating yin and yang

The white products are made with a beige clay and added a white underglaze to the inside and the outside and a black stripe to create the yang and yang.


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