Doño di mi kurpa – Karamics

Doño di mi kurpa

This collection is the seed that was planted to the tree Karamics is today. It will continue to grow, as this collection became the core of my work.

“Doño di mi kurpa” means Owner of my body in Papiamentu. Papiamentu is the language spoken on Curacao, where I am from.

A collection that's all about accepting, embracing, loving and owning our bodies. This collection has ceramic items that show nude body parts or written statements. I decided to use words as well to express my thoughts. But also as a way of not showing nudity. Some people decide to show their bodies and others decide to cover them. Neither of these decisions are wrong. This whole collection is meant to show that every person is the owner of their own body and every decision that person makes is the right decision. We shouldn’t judge others for the decisions they make to their own body. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are you! Show yourself some love!



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